My Mission

Education. Empowerment. Enrichment. These are the primary goals in my work with rescues, shelters, and pet owners.

As an Animal Rescue Consultant and Certified Avian Specialist, I work with shelters and wildlife, bird, cat, and dog rescues, as well as companion animal owners to:

  1. Educate rescue owners, rescue and shelter staff, as well as pet owners.
  2. Empower owners, staff, and animals to make the best choices.
  3. Enrich the lives of the animals and their caretakers.

My mission is to make life better for all the animals. They deserve it. It’s that simple. Part of how I do this is to help existing rescues stay in business, and help new ones get started.

  • I intend to accomplish this by sharing what I’ve already learned over the years that I’ve been rescuing and rehabbing all sorts of animals.
  • I will offer support and education to existing animal rescues and shelters, as well as for those wishing to start their own animal rescue by posting information on business structure, best-practices and policies, creative fundraising, and more.
  • I’ll interview the experts, from Rescue Clubs to Behavioral Scientists, and share their information and expertise with you.
  • I will talk about training and behavioral modifications.
  • I’ll teach you all about Animal Enrichment so your animals can be happier and healthier.
John Lizotte

I am a Certified Avian Specialist (CAS) and Animal Rescue Consultant. I use education, empowerment and enrichment to help overcome behavior and training issues. I also use my business background to help new and existing animal rescues and shelters to become more efficient and financially sustainable through the use of process-efficiencies, industry best-practices, innovative fundraising and community involvement.