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Educational workshops for rescues, shelters, and pet owners

Education. Empowerment. Enrichment. These are the primary goals in my work with rescues, shelters, and pet owners.

As an Animal Rescue Consultant and Certified Avian Specialist, I work with shelters and wildlife, bird, cat, and dog rescues, as well as companion animal owners to:

  1. Educate rescue owners, rescue and shelter staff, as well as pet owners.
  2. Empower owners, staff, and animals to make the best choices.
  3. Enrich the lives of the animals and their caretakers.

I reside in Galion, Ohio, but my services are available throughout the United States in person or by phone/video consultations, and internationally by video conferencing and email.

Please use my contact form if you’d like more information about the value I can bring to your organization.

Educational Workshops

I am comfortable with a number of different formats and I am happy to craft a custom presentation for your specific needs:

  • Keynote or Educational (1 hour to 3 hour)
  • 1 Day Training
  • 3 Day Training

Presentation includes PowerPoint slideshow and handouts as appropriate. I typically speak to these types of groups:

  • Rescue/shelter owners, managers, and volunteers.
  • People wishing to start an animal rescue
  • Potential Adopters and owners of special-needs animals
  • General public at trade shows and other public venues.
  • Small or special-interest groups: libraries, 4H, private clubs, etc.

I am very happy to create a custom presentation for your group. Typical workshops and presentations usually deal with the following topics:

  • How to start an animal rescue.
  • Financial sustainability of your rescue or shelter.
  • Creative fundraising.
  • Volunteer management.
  • Industry best practices for animal care and operations, based on The Humane Society of United States Rescue Group Best Practices Guide and The Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters.
  • Basic bird care, training, behavioral problems, and enrichment.

Onsite Operations Audits

Onsite audits of your shelter or rescue organization to help you streamline operations, improve your processes, improve volunteer management, increase public awareness, fundraising opportunities and more.

Coming Soon

Online educational courses and certification tests for shelter and rescue staff, fosters and adopters.